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How is a wind farm different from wind generators? Also, the list doesn't need to be all-inclusive; we don't have tidal, temperature gradient, salinity gradient, and other possible renewables on that list. Also, I'd argue that electricity generation isn't key to renewables. Using biomass to create liquid fuels or using a lens to power a solar oven could both be considered renewables, I think. --Belltower

I agree, and I suggest that you work the above into the real article and drop this page again. --Pinkunicorn

Certainly we should try to be fairly all-inclusive! (Perhaps a few odd ideas could be left out - like we could feed hamsters plant material and then run them on treadmill generators, but no....)

I heard that researchers are genetically altering some plants to produce hydrocarbon products which can be later processed into fuels. The process is not different from using natural plants such as sugar canes to produce ethanol, or extracting latex or oil from plants etc. Fuel producing genes can be added to some bacteria so that the production don't have to be plant based. The genetic engineering only makes the process more efficient by producing the building blocks.

So salinity gradient, hamsters and GM bacteria.

Renewable energies are indepedent from limited AND pollutant sources, because some renewable energies are pollutant, like the burning of biomass ( although the best ones are the non-polutant renewable energies). Perhaps would be interseting include a section about this in the article or create an article about non-pollution energy.Mac

Can anyone find more recent EU renewable rates. I remember reading an article yesterday that listed Denmark as 15% using just wind energy; our table shows only 6.5% (as of 1994). Rmhermen 14:49 14 Jun 2003 (UTC)

I moved this back to its original home at Renewable energy. Not a single page points to renewable energy source, except renewable energy and one page I tried to redirect. I can't see any reason the page shouldn't be at the site where 44 other pages link to it. Rmhermen 20:39, Sep 17, 2003 (UTC)